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Training the Trainer

  • Would you like to support your managers who need to deliver staff development, but don’t have the skills or knowledge to do it effectively?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of teaching and learning in your organisation?
  • Are you an organisation new to learning who want to develop your own trainers?


Developing your own trainers is a real cost-saver, and it means that you will always have training staff who understand about your business.  But not everyone has the skills or knowledge needed to make learning effective. Seedbed has worked with employers, third sector organisations, prisons and homeless hostels to develop non-teaching staff and managers to become more comfortable with delivering training and staff development, and to implement new initiatives and programmes.


And even organisations staffed with professional teachers can sometimes use an impartial external review to help improve the quality of teaching and learning taking place. Why not let Seedbed take a look at your teaching practice, your developmental observations and how you use feedback to make a real difference to your learners’ experiences?


Examples of work completed

Example of Learning to Train


Seedbed developed and ran a range of workshops directed at third sector organisations whose main work was not educational. It developed managerial and front line staff skills in planning, delivering and evaluating learning. Sessions run included assessing need, marketing and promotion, planning learning sessions, considering health & safety, equality & diversity, simple methods of delivery, recognising and recording progress and achievement, evaluation and future planning.

Example of Introducing New Training Programmes


Seedbed participated in a national programme of professional development around the pilot phases of Functional Skills, delivering workshops and consultancy support for post-14 teachers and organisations in changing over from Key Skills or Skills for Life to new Functional Skills qualifications. This included training for teachers (delivery and assessment), departmental managers (planning and development) and strategic managers (integrating curriculum areas).

Example of Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) awareness

Seedbed wrote and delivered an intensive two-day training programme for existing trainers in the rail industry to help raise the awareness of the importance of LLN skills in the training and development of rail infrastructure staff. The programme included practical ways to assess need, engage staff, develop and simplify materials, and embed LLN in existing materials, as well as interactive examples of the difference these approaches can make.

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