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Strategy into Action


Writing strategic, delivery and quality improvement plans


  • Do you want to ensure that your strategic, delivery and quality improvement plans take account of developments in adult learning and related sector policies?
  • Would you like to get better at incorporating local, regional and national policy priorities into your organisational planning?
  • Are you looking for help to develop your staff to write more effective plans?


Seedbed can help with all these things, whether you simply want some ideas and examples, or you want some one-to-one support to develop the skills of your managers.  Life can be much simpler if all your managers and staff have a shared understanding of what makes an effective plan, and have the skills to put this understanding onto paper.  Shared skills can make organisational development more effective and relevant, and help ensure that the whole organisation is pulling together in the right direction.


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Examples of work completed

Example of Implementing Government Strategies

Seedbed has worked to support several organisations in writing and implementing delivery plans around key Government strategies.  This has included supporting learning providers to prepare for the Skills for Life Strategy, the Skills Strategy and introducing Functional Skills as a replacement for Key Skills. We have also supported adult learning and third sector organisations update and/or create systems, policies and quality improvement plans that take account of Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) for non-accredited learning.

Examples of Developing Delivery Plans

Seedbed has supported employers and unions to implement government priorities around Train to Gain, vocational pathways, Level 2 and Skills for Life targets, including training on best practice, IiP, embedding Skills for Life and improving quality assurance. One example included working with a group of private training brokers to adapt their practices to enable them to work more effectively at engaging the third sector in vocational training and development.

Example of Turning Strategy into Action

Seedbed worked with a number of Local Authorities to address specific issues they had within the workforce and in the general population.  This included defining the issue clearly and the justification behind a strategy for spending resources on addressing the issue. We then worked with key managers to develop practical steps that could be taken, and how they could be embedded across the council so that an holistic approach could be taken.  Solutions we worked with included incorporating work into the Government Office (GO) Awards, developing managerial champions, working with unions and demonstrating how the work would contribute to achieving other work priorities.  The work also involved training middle managers on the difference between strategic and action planning. 

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