Professional, affordable support for adult learning, research, skills and training


Seedbed Consulting Ltd can offer support for all kinds of work connected to adult learning and organisational development.  We have worked with local, regional and national governmental organisations, learning providers, charities, unions, cultural organisations and employers.  Our contracts have ranged from small (such as developing policies for a first time learning provider) to large longitudinal projects (such as running a learning festival for nine years).

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Do you need high quality primary or secondary  research? Or perhaps you're looking for an effective, informative evaluation? 

At Seedbed we can plan, design, deliver, analyse and present whatever you need, however you need it! Or we can help you to develop the skills of your own staff and volunteers.

Would you like to develop some new engaging, interactive learning materials? Or perhaps you need  help to develop the delivery skills of your own staff?

At Seedbed we can design and deliver great training for you, or train your own staff to deliver more effective training and development.

Do you have a project in mind, but need help or advice to run it effectively? Or maybe you want support setting up structures, monitoring systems and evaluation?

At Seedbed we can do it all for you, or work with you to develop your own expertise. We can also help develop great partnerships. 

Are you looking for help improving the quality of teaching and learning, or with making your workplace and training more accessible in terms of literacy or language?  Or do you need to embed new initiatives and approaches?

At Seedbed we can plan and deliver the support you need.

Do you struggle to keep up to date with learning policy and with how changes affect you? Or are you looking to update your strategic and delivery plans to make them relevant?

At Seedbed we can provide analysis and information to keep you updated, and help you develop more effective writing and plans.

Seedbed Consulting Ltd is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales registered no. 08722861 | Email: | Phone: 07812 159689