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Primary Research

  • Do you need to find out what your learners, teachers or partners really think?
  • Would you like to be able to demonstrate the impact your work has had?
  • Do you need to gather feedback to inform your decisions?

Seedbed Consulting can help you define what it is you really need to get sensible answers to your questions, develop data collection instruments, and either collect primary research data or train your staff and volunteers to do it themselves.

Primary research can be the main aim of a project, a small part of a larger project, or part of an evaluation.  Whatever you need, Seedbed is here to help!

See examples below of projects we have completed.


Secondary Research

  • Do you need some background research to provide a basis for a policy, funding bid or new development?
  • Would you like to find out what else is going on in your sector?
  • Do you need more information to help you benchmark your work against similar organisations?

Seedbed can do the digging for you and come up with relevant data, examples and approaches that will help you develop your work.

Secondary research can be part of a rationale for funding or developments, it can help you understand more about the field in which you are operating, and it can help you with training and developing your staff and partners.  Let Seedbed do the background work for you!

See examples below of projects we have completed.


Qualitative Research

  • Would you like to demonstrate the real impact your work has on people?
  • Want to know the story behind the facts and figures?
  • Do you need more in-depth information about your learners, staff, partners or customers?

Seedbed specialises in this type of research, where personal stories and a more in-depth analysis is required to give life to quantitative data.

Qualitative research can help you understand the reasons behind the figures, and give you a better understanding of the impact your work is having.  Whether you need to gather information from hundreds of participants around the country, focus on a particular group of people, or get rich and textural personal stories to help you build your arguments, Seedbed can help!


Examples of work completed


Examples of Primary Research

National impact survey

Seedbed Director Amanda was part of a national research team led by NIACE considering the impact of introducing fees on ESOL learners, learning providers, and on government priorities and targets. This included interviews and focus group work with learners, teachers, managers and policy makers, and analysis of the impact of fees on recruitment, retention and participation.



Engaging with client groups

Amanda also worked with a large adult learning provider in London to find out what part-time and sessional teachers really wanted out of professional development, and the best way to deliver it.  This involved questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, and resulted in new approaches to engaging with sessional staff.

Examples of Secondary Research

Workplace Skills for Life

Seedbed was part of a national team researching and writing a Skills for Life toolkit for employers, Government Offices, Trades Unions and Sector Skills Councils. This included secondary research on regional and sectoral economic indicators, along with an analysis of governmental statistics, as well as guidance and materials for the target audience.



Evidence for funding bids

Seedbed has also written (and supported others to write) a range of funding bids for regional, national and European funding programmes.  This included sections on policy background, establishing baseline statistics, and establishing the need for a particular project. 

Examples of Qualitative Research

ESOL learner case studies

Seedbed researched personal stories from refugee ESOL groups across London to help evaluate the impact of volunteer-led conversation groups, and gather real-life narratives for a celebratory book.  This included individual interviews and focus groups with low-level ESOL learners, volunteers and host organisations, and resulted in a series of case studies or both individuals and groups.

Engaging adults in learning

Seedbed ran a research project around engaging adults in first-step learning. It included an analysis of the effectiveness of a variety of engagement models and the production of good practice examples. This focused on qualitative research and the sharing of best practice.

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