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Research and Evaluations 

Educational and Social Research

  • Are you looking for some background research for a project, or do you need to find information to inform a decision?
  • Do you want to know more about an issue or area of adult learning, or be able to demonstrate the impact of a policy or project?
  • Or maybe you’d like some personal stories and opinions to inform what you do?

Seedbed Consulting Ltd can deliver top quality research information which is suitable for your needs. Whether you need reliable qualitative research, professional case studies, basic quantitative analysis or a longitudinal study, we’re here to help.  We have national, regional and local research experience in the educational, social and cultural sectors. We particularly specialise in qualitative research, including interviews, focus groups, case studies, questionnaires and public meetings.

Director Amanda also has a Master’s Degree in Social and Educational Research from London University Institute of Education.


We have experience with:

Primary data collection and interpretation:

  • Top quality, rich and textual case studies
  • Feedback and analysis from questionnaires , focus groups and large events
  • In-depth one-to-one interviews

 Data collection and analysis from secondary sources:

  • Literature reviews
  • Summaries from government statistical departments and policy documents
  • Collation of existing research to answer specific questions

 Analysis, interpretation and presentation of results:

  • Analysis of primary  and secondary data (qualitative and quantitative) to provide answers to questions
  • Interpretation of results, impact, policy connections and recommendations
  • Communicating results through clear and easy to use report writing, presentations and summary documentation

For examples of our previous work in research, please click here


Educational, Social and Cultural Evaluations

  • Have you run a project or programme of work, and want to find out how effective it was?
  • Do you need reports, presentations or other ways to communicate the success and reach of your work, or your progress towards performance indicators, criteria or standards?
  • Are you half way through a project and want information to help you decide where to concentrate your efforts in the future to maximise your effectiveness and success rates?

Seedbed can deliver clear and helpful evaluations using a variety of methods suitable for your needs and for those of your target audience. Whether you need reliable and relevant qualitative evidence, basic quantitative information or a comparative study, we’re here to help.  We can help with all aspects of evaluation, from design and structure through to setting up monitoring instruments for projects, training and development of staff and volunteers, analysis of results and presentation of findings. This can be done on a bespoke basis, or by working within predetermined structures. We can provide results in a variety of report formats, including case studies, recommendations, summaries, impact assessments, presentations and infographics. We have experience with public and private sector evaluations, including those for national and European funding streams

We have experience with:

 Formative evaluation:

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of progress to targets and outputs
  • A look at quality assurance, impact and partner performance
  • Progress reports, including practical recommendations

 Summative evaluation:

  • Quantitative and qualitative summaries of outcomes and performance
  • Evaluations against predetermined outcomes and outputs
  • Impact reports, recommendations and ways forward

 Diagnostic evaluation and recommendations:

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Emergence of unintended outcomes
  • Evaluating social learning or capacity-building outcomes, or other outcomes that are not quantifiably measurable or readily observed

For examples of our previous work in evaluations, please click here 


What our clients say about us...

"Amanda demonstrated her excellent research skills by finding all the information I needed and more. She helped us really understand what we needed."


Laurie Mabbott

Careers Service Manager

"I wish we’d had more time to work with Amanda directly as she had a lot to give us and we learned a lot. Her approach was a breath of fresh air to me. I’m using her research report and recommendations as a key element of some on-going actions – it’s most valuable."


Sara Robertson-Jonas

Head of School Visual & Digital Arts Morley College

"Amanda grasped what was needed for our evaluation very quickly. Everything was done on time, and the recommendations helped us embed key elements of the project after the funding ended."


Rachel Malik

Sussex LSC

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