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Quality Improvement

  • Do you need to identify and address areas of weakness in teaching and learning, including retention, progression and achievement in your organisation?
  • Would you like to make better use of your quality improvement and performance management processes?
  • Are you developing strategic and practical plans and need support with this or with how to share good practice to improve your organisation?

Seedbed has experience of working with both learning organisations and with organisations whose primary function is not learning, but who want to embed learning throughout their planning.  We can design and complete quality support projects to address specific areas, work with managers and coordinators to produce plans that really work, or make recommendations on existing documentation and processes.


Drawing on experience from teaching, managing, leading and working with funding bodies, Seedbed can add value to your quality improvement work and help develop your managers of the future.


Examples of work completed

Example of Addressing Identified Weaknesses


Seedbed worked with a large adult education provider to develop practical solutions to identified weaknesses in preparation for an Ofsted inspection. This included revising the quality improvement cycle to incorporate more effective OTLA procedures and follow up of outcomes, standardising ILRs to reflect new priorities, improved performance management and use of data, and using the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) as a management tool, benchmarking. 

Example of Improving Outcomes in Progression and Achievement

Seedbed worked with a provider of accredited further education to identify areas of weakness in progression and achievement within two main curriculum areas. The work included research and data analysis, interviews with strategic and academic managers and comparative analysis across the subject area and within the college. The project resulted in an analysis of evidence, and recommendations for improvement, which have been incorporated into the quality cycle.

Example of Creating and Updating Policies and Procedures

Seedbed worked with a small provider of learning for women returners who had recently won significant ESF funding, but who did not have the required updated policies and procedures for the contracts. The work included researching good practice in the various areas (including learner and tutor handbooks, equality and diversity, safeguarding and prevent, data protection, health & safety, and complaints) and either creating or updating the organisation’s paperwork and policies. It also involved suggestions for training tutors in understanding the new documentation.

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