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Project Management & Partnership Building

  • Do you have a project to run, but don’t have the time, staffing or expertise to ensure its success?
  • Would you like someone to structure, monitor, run and evaluate your project or programme of work, and keep you up to date with progress?
  • Would you like to expand your reach by developing new partnerships, or work more effectively with existing ones?

Seedbed Consulting Ltd can provide an efficient and cost effective solution, either providing support to existing staff, or running complete projects in their entirety. We can also support you through training, guidance or management in developing and maintaining effective partnerships.


We have experience with a range of private, public and third sector projects, up to and including multi-partner, multi-sector projects, and national and European funded projects. All projects we have been involved with have achieved all their aims, objectives and outputs on time and on budget.


Seedbed Consulting Ltd has designed and run both small and large community engagement projects using tools such as the development of community champions, engaging with established social, religious and statutory groups, and working with local media. We have also provided training to help organisations and individuals to adapt their language, approach and engagement tactics to better reflect the needs of their target client groups.


We have experience with:

 Project set up:

  • Initial consultation, research, planning and bid writing to develop project ideas
  • Getting a project started, along with designing systems of monitoring, ways of working and establishing partnerships
  • Developing practical strategic and delivery plans

 Project Management:

  • Working with partners and ensuring they deliver on their obligations
  • Ensuring that finances are controlled and that outputs are monitored, achieved and reported on
  • Managing quality, risk and on-going issues

 Project Close:

  • Ensuring all required reporting is completed according to requirements and on-time, including final project evaluation and impact assessment
  • Making recommendations on sustainability and hand-over
  • Supporting and delivering dissemination of best practice

Partnership working:

  • Defining and diagnosing current position, gaps and how to move forward
  • Developing a collaborative vision and direction for a partnership lifecycle
  • Managing  or advising on partnership roles and responsibilities, communication and quality assurance


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What our clients say about us...

“Amanda plans and monitors progress very effectively, ensuring policies and project plans are made reality. She brought originality and creativity to the programme connecting policy messages to activity on the ground.  She has great skills in establishing and maintaining project partners and stakeholder buy-in, and in producing high quality project reporting documentation”.


Raksha Mistry

National Project Manager, Adult Learners’ Week

“Amanda has the ability to find her feet very quickly in a new context, often working in complex partnerships spanning organisations from different sectors. Her background as a manager in adult learning providers, a funding council and a national quality improvement agency means that she understands the demands on all stakeholders in a project”.


Phil de Montmorency

Project Director, London Development Agency

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