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  • Do you want to develop your managers and other staff to design, deliver and evaluate learning programmes?
  • Would you like to roll out new initiatives, training packages, and responses to changes in policy that put learning and development at the heart of your organisation and business?
  • Are you looking for support to help write effective business and strategic plans?


Seedbed can offer a range of organisational support around learning, quality improvement, policy development and improving teaching and learning. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you?

Examples of work completed

Example of Making a Place for Learning


Seedbed supported Local Authority managers to look at ways of embedding training across the organisation.  This included techniques for implementing cultural change, and training on how to adapt policies around recruitment, staff development, signage, staff reviews, health and safety and equality and diversity. It also worked with departments who traditionally did not engage with learning to find areas of common interest, and taught managers how to make a business case for learning.

Example of Learning to Plan Learning


Seedbed worked to develop the capacity of a range of unions, museums and third sector organisations whose main business is not learning, but who wanted to engage with learning and development as part of their work.  This included workshops handbooks and one-to-one support to help managers and staff develop new partnerships, and design, deliver and evaluate short learning programmes to complement existing activity.

Example of Writing Strategic and Business Learning Plans

Seedbed Director Amanda worked with a Learning and Skills Council to research and write organisational strategic plans and sub-regional adult learning and skills plans, ensuring that they reflected local, regional and national strategic priorities. She has also worked with a learning provider in London to update their strategic and delivery plans to better reflect changing national priorities and funding.

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