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Language & Literacy

  • Are you looking to develop the language and literacy skills of staff and managers to improve communications, documentation, training and development?
  • Do you want to embed literacy, language and numeracy across your organisation, including policies, procedures and training?
  • Would you like to learn how to adapt documents and training materials for different audiences, and to make them more accessible for those with lower levels of literacy

Seedbed can work with individuals and teams to really make a difference to the quality of your communications and the ability of staff to understand policies, complete paperwork effectively and benefit from training and development.  We can also work with your managers to simplify critical policies, procedures and training to make sure that everyone can understand them.


We can also take a look at your organisation as a whole to see what improvements you can make, so that your organisation is more inclusive and effective.

Examples of work completed

Example of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Awareness Training

Seedbed ran an intensive two-day training programme for trainers in the rail industry to help raise the awareness of the importance of LLN skills in the training and development of rail infrastructure staff. The programme included practical ways to assess need, engage staff and develop and simplify materials, as well as interactive examples of the difference these approaches can make.

Example of Supporting Learning Providers



The Subject Learning Coach programme was part of the government´s National Teaching and Learning Change Programme, and Seedbed was responsible for developing adult learning networks and delivering training, including language, literacy and numeracy across London. Part of this programme worked with vocational tutors, training them to consider issues around Skills for Life and embed the skills in the delivery of their subject-specific courses.

Example of Embedding Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

Seedbed delivered part of a national programme of training for a range of Local Authority strategic planners, departmental managers, HR, training staff and local councillors to implement a Whole Organisation Approach to Skills for Life. This included embedding such learning in strategic and operational planning documents, ensuring LLN was considered as integral to other training and development, helping managers understand the importance of LLN in policies such as health and safety, appraisals and recruitment, and raising awareness of ways to up-skill existing and new staff.

Example of Learning in Local Authorities



Seedbed supported a range of unitary, county and district councils to assess local educational and skills needs and turn these into plans at organisational, borough and sub-regional levels. We also worked with councils in the east of England to embed training (including Skills for Life) across the organisation, including techniques for implementing cultural change and adapting policies around recruitment, staff development, signage, staff reviews, health and safety and equality and diversity.

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