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  • Do you need help setting up project evaluation frameworks, monitoring instruments and with training your project staff and volunteers to use them?
  • Do you want an expert external evaluator to take an independent and impartial look at your work, to inform progress, developments and funders?
  • Would you like to know the real impact of your work, and how it might be made more effective in the future?


Seedbed has many years’ experience of evaluating projects, campaigns, initiatives and training to produce clear and helpful summaries of work, impacts assessments, recommendations and valuable insights to inform the future.


Evaluations work best when established at the beginning of a project or initiative, so that progress and impact can be accurately measured.  Let Seedbed advise you on the most effective ways to evaluate your work, and get the most out of the results!


Examples of work completed

Example of Formative Evaluation

Seedbed contributed to a regional evaluation linked to a South-East England Development Agency project around the use made of the Train to Gain initiative by the third sector, how to improve uptake of funding and how best to facilitate joint working between the sector and private brokers.

Example of Diagnostic Evaluation

Seedbed contributed to a national evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the national Functional Skills pilot to inform the development of the new qualifications. This included working with educational institutions, learners, teachers, awarding organisations, and writers to help make the qualifications and their implementation more effective.

Example of Summative Evaluation

Seedbed produced an evaluation of the effectiveness of specific qualifications in encouraging school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider Higher Education. This included both qualitative and quantitative elements, case studies, a look at the effectiveness of different approaches, and guidance on dissemination of best practice.

Example of Longitudinal Evaluation

Seedbed managed the annual Adult Learners’ Week campaign over three English regions for seven years. Part of this work involved a comprehensive annual evaluation of the activity and impact of the campaign, which was used to feed into subsequent years’ planning.

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