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Delivering Training

  • Do you have some training and development that you need rolled out to small groups or individuals?
  • Are you looking for a facilitator who is comfortable delivering practical workshop training, or sessions within conferences or big training days?
  • Wold you like to work with someone who is equally happy to deliver your own training materials, or develop bespoke ones?

 Finding reliable, lively and engaging trainers who can make learning an interactive experience, whether it is taking place one-to-one or during a large conference, can be challenging.  Here at Seedbed, we have many years of experience doing just that!


Whether you need someone to deliver your own training sessions to a variety of different audiences, or you need some help developing bespoke sessions or approaches, we can help. We can advise and deliver on making your training more interactive and practical, adapting your training for audiences with lower language and literacy skills, or modifying one programme so that it can be used for different purposes (e.g. practical work for frontline staff, marketing & PR for external clients, advocacy for political support). Seedbed can either direct deliver training, or work with you to ensure you get what you need from your training programmes.


See below for examples of work completed

For additional examples of training delivered, please see our Organisational Support page.


Examples of work completed

Examples of Business English Language development

Seedbed worked one-to-one with a hotel manager who needed to develop her English language skills to provide better customer service and fewer complaints from guests. We provided intensive fluency practice, real life examples and role playing exercises to build up knowledge of appropriate vocabulary, intonation and language register. 

Seedbed also worked with directors, managers and supervisors at a Nestle factory in Spain to enable them to participate in meetings run using English. These sessions were small, practical workshops covering vocabulary, business conventions, and fluency, and covered both written and spoken business practice.

Example of Training in Conferences


Seedbed worked with the National Careers Service to deliver training sessions about news Apprenticeships during their annual training day, which was attended by over 100 careers advisors and managers. The sessions included short presentations of information delivered in ‘quick quiz’ form, followed by small group discussion and activities, plenary feedback, and a questions and answers opportunity.  The training was supplemented by a practical interactive pack, containing activities that advisors could use with their customers.

Example of Supporting Teachers and Managers

Seedbed worked with a number of third sector and adult learning organisations to provide practical training for teachers and managers on how to monitor and evaluate projects and other work. These were short, practical workshops consisting of mixed organisations, and included discussions, case studies, good and bad practice, and practical examples of different systems with their advantages and disadvantages. The workshops were used by organisations who were looking to demonstrate their value to external stakeholders, evaluate their own effectiveness for internal development purposes, and also by projects who needed to monitor and evaluate their projects for a variety of different funding bodies.

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