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Cross-Sectoral Working

  • Do you want to develop learning plans which are inclusive of other policy areas?
  • Would you like to create effective partnerships to address specific issues, funding opportunities or strategic developments?
  • Are you looking for support in facilitating steering groups to both influence policy and plan to implement it?


Seedbed can provide a range of support if you are working across sectors to deliver learning or projects, or if you are looking for funding that will impact across a range of policy priorities.  We can help at all stages of your work, from initial planning to setting up and running partnerships, and evaluating the impact of the work you do.


We can also help large organisations develop internal partnership working to more effectively deliver against organisational priorities and plans.


Examples of work completed

Example of Multi-Organisational Partnerships

Over many years, Seedbed has established and facilitated several effective partnerships to address community engagement, neighbourhood regeneration, widening participation, vocational pathways and capacity building. One example of this was an  Adult Learners’ Week steering group which included funders, learning providers, museums, libraries, employers, sports organisations and housing associations.

Example of a Strategic Steering Group


While working as Adult Learning Manager for the Learning and Skills Council, Amanda established and ran high level strategic steering groups of local learning providers, third sector organisations, employers, employer groups and regional representatives (such as LDA and Government Office for London) to inform the LSC in its implementation of the Skills Strategy 

Example of Internal Organisational Partnership Working

Seedbed worked with individual Local Authorities to implement a Whole Organisation Approach to Skills for Life following government funding and White Papers on literacy, numeracy and language. The work involved joint planning with the Regional Assembly, Regional Development Agency, government programmes and Local Government organisations, as well as building internal partnerships between training, governance and other council functions, to build business case for embedding Skills for Life across the organisation.

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